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Bart Stuart en Klaar van der Lippe

Bart Stuart en Klaar van der Lippe / Artikel / Openbare ruimte / Voorstel

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Bart Stuart en Klaar van der Lippe

Bart Stuart en Klaar van der Lippe / Artikel



Ana Džokić
Marc Neelen

Ana Džokić / Marc Neelen / Tentoonstelling / Gotenburg

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Iris Schutten
Sabrina Lindemann

Laboratorium voor de Tussentijd

The Laboratorium voor de Tussentijd / Laboratory for the Interim was the think tank of Hotel Transvaal. This hotel was dual in character: as a company its viability in the district was tested out, in addition it functioned as a catalyst for new ideas. The hotel provided a pattern of thought for further research into the use and possibilities of the ‘interim’, the frequently long-lasting period between demolition and new construction. For three years, with guests from various disciplines (art, architecture, sociology and philosophy), innovative strategies were developed in the Laboratory established for that purpose, aimed at giving districts in transformation a sustainable impulse. Jointly alternatives avoiding the negative consequences of the current approach were sought, starting from the assumption that a different transformation process will result in a different kind of interim.

The participants in the LAB developed programmes and methods which are important for ‘the interim’ and may create a spin-off in the future. Models forming an alternative for current ‘final-image thinking’ were discussed and concepts generating a new perspective of the district, whereby local identity, entrepreneurship, informality and an open-source approach will play a much larger part in urban development.

The Laboratory for the Interim consisted of a programme of three workshops including meetings with experts, lectures with foreign guests (such as Peter Lang of Stalker/ON, Klaus Overmeyer of Studio Urban Catalyst and Mathias Heyden of ISPARA), bimonthly theme meetings and a national conference: Urban Transformation in the Interim (in collaboration with Trancity) for a brought audience like housing associations and authorities.

Initiative: Mobile office OpTrek (Sabrina Lindemann)
Development and realization: in collaboration with architect/ publicist Iris Schutten
Period: January 2007 to December 2009
Location: Transvaal and the centre of The Hague for the full programme, proposals and participants.